Ibo, my loving and superb mom……..

A thousand words couldn’t bring you back….
I know because I tried
A thousand tears couldn’t bring you back…
I know because I cried

I really miss u mom…
Although your soul is at rest, and your body free from pain…
The world would be like heaven if I had you back again.

You’re always in my thought, no matter where I go…
You’re Always in my heart, because I love you so…
However long my life might last
Whatever land I view
Whatever joy or grief is mine
I always remember you
I really really miss you mom…


Rabb, please taking good care of my mom with YOUR full of merciness, aamiin


Photo: Miss u day by day, Mom


About bundadontworry

Ibu rumah tangga dengan 2 anak

3 responses »

  1. Lidya says:

    Bunda Lily juga bunda terbaik. Selamat tahun baru bunda

  2. Suse Herleni says:

    Alfatiha for your mom, Bunda. She is a great woman who has a great daughter like you. My prayer. thought and love for you Bunda Lily. Miss you always….

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